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Numerical Study of Behavior of a Group Pile Made of

combines high strength of concrete piles and high . Numerical Study of Behavior of a Group Pile Made of Pervious Concrete and Stone Aggregate Jignesh Patel 1, Yogendra Tandel 2, Jerin Joseph 3 and Chandresh Solanki 4 I 8th International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Civil Engineering (ICEECE'2016) Jan. 12-13, 2016 Dubai (UAE) 45

Numerical study of structural behavior of fiber‐reinforced

Jul 10, 2018 · Numerical study of structural behavior of fiber-reinforced polymer-strengthened reinforced concrete beams with bond-slip effect under cyclic loading Prabin Pathak, School of Engineering and Information Technology, University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force …

Numerical Study on Concrete Pumping Behavior via Local

To better understand the fresh concrete pumping mechanisms in detail, the discrete element method is employed in this paper for the numerical simulation of local pumping problems. By modeling the coarse aggregates as rigid clumps and appropriately defining the contact models, the concrete flow in representative pipeline units is well revealed.

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The salient features of pumping and trapping are discussed with particular focus on the effects of slip and non-Newtonian parameters. ABSTRACT This paper presents the results of experimental and numerical studies of the comparative behavior of square hollow section (SHS) tubes filled with rigid polyurethane foam (RPF) and concrete

A numerical study on the dynamic behavior of concrete

T1 - A numerical study on the dynamic behavior of concrete bridges by pounding effect. AU - Tamai, H. AU - Sonoda, Y. PY - 2009/12/1. Y1 - 2009/12/1. N2 - When a large earthquake occurs, there is a possibility of pounding between a bridge girder and an abutment.

A Review on the Pumping Behavior of Modern Concrete

knowledge regarding the pumping behavior of modern concrete is far from sufficient up to date. This paper presents recent advances on concrete pumping behavior, including the steady flow state, the pumping models, the test methods and the influencing factors. Previous experimental results related to these aspects are provided.

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The work of the TC can generate a report and recommendations similar to the ACI-304 and ACI-211.9 documents, intended to inform the industry on how pumping pressure can be predicted or altered (304) or on how to modify the mix design to make concrete pumpable (211.9).

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CONSTMACH is the leader concrete batching plant, crusher and concrete block machine manufacturer of Turkey since its foundation, 2002. Cement silos, sand screening and washing plants, mobile crushers are other product types which are manufactured by CONSTMACH. Our products are exported to over fifty countries on five continents.

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Feb 01, 2012 · A numerical simulation based on CFD and DEM has been conducted to study the solid–fluid multi-phase flow problem in concrete pumping progress. It is shown that the model can satisfactorily capture the key features in concrete pumping and predict the location of maximum erosive wear damage accurately.

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Experimental and numerical study on the load-bearing behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete for precast tunnel lining segments under concentrated loads Conference Paper Full-text available

Numerical analysis for behavior of outer concrete tank in

Numerical analysis for behavior of outer concrete tank in emergency LNG spillage 369 Computers and Concrete, Vol dependent properties considered in this study are summarized herein. A lubricating layer in concrete pumping. Comput. Mater. Continua, 27(3), 189-210.


system. Numerical results of amplitude versus natural frequency computed by the methods described in reference [16] are plotted for three different crack depths in Fig. 3. For actual cracked reinforced concrete beams, nonlinear material behavior will soften the vibration characteristics such that a frequency­

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A simple method based on the well-known sectional analysis approach is presented to trace the structural behavior of reinforced concrete (RC) shear walls exposed to fire. It is similar to the approaches described in the existing literature but it does not require computations of moment-curvature curve group. This method can take into account material nonlinearity by use of the coupling

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Impact Behavior of

Experimental and numerical studies of impact behavior of fiber lightweight aggregate concrete Authors: Yaghoob Farnam, Construction Material Institute (CMI), Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tehran, Enqelab Av., Tehran, Iran, Phone: +Kefid968111, Fax: +Kefid959740, [email protected]

Numerical study to investigate the behavior of reinforced

Numerical study to investigate the behavior of reinforced concrete slabs with CFRP sheets Dina A. Emarah Construction Research Institute, National Water Research Center, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Giza, Egypt ABSTRACT The current study implements nonlinear finite-element analysis using ANSYS15 software for

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In the existing method for analyzing the liquid tightness of the outer concrete tank in an emergency LNG spillage, the temperature variation over time inside the tank, and the concrete properties dependent on temperature and internal moisture content, have not been taken into account. In this study, the analyses for a typical LNG concrete tank subjected to thermal load due to spillage were

Numerical Study on Concrete Pumping Behavior via Local

Apr 30, 2019 · Numerical Study on Concrete Pumping Behavior via Local Flow Simulation with Discrete Element Method. Zhan Y 1, Gong J 1, Huang Y 1, Shi C 2, Zuo Z 1, Chen Y 3. Author information. Affiliations. 4 authors. 1. General Engineering Institute of Shanghai Construction Group, Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai 200080, China.

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Numerical analysis is a time-, cost- and equipment-effective method to study the behavior of structures. ATENA is one of the available software-based on finite element method. Hollow cross section is one way to reduce the weight of concrete beam. The effect of holes on beam may reduce the bending resistance.

Numerical study on fracture behavior of CFRP-strengthened

This research is dedicated to the numerical investigation of the fracture behavior of notched self-consolidating concrete (SCC) beams which are strengthened by carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer sheets (CFRP). The beams have been constructed with an initial notch in the middle of span and reinforced with a CFRP sheet under the beam. Therefore, the load-carrying capacity of the specimens, shear

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numerical study of compressive behavior of concrete at high strain rates by f. v. donze´,1 s.- A. Magnier,2 L. Daudeville,3 C. Mariotti,4 and L. Davenne5 ABSTRACT: High strain rate unconfined compressional tests on concrete are simulated by a 3D discrete-element method.